Product list field descriptions

Field name Description Sample
product_id Medicine product ID 00-0001-04
original_name Original name of the medicine Druniler 120 mg film-coated tablets
medicine_name Name of the medicine in Latvian Druniler 120 mg apvalkotās tabletes
short_name Short name of the medicine Druniler
authorisation_no Authorisation number 00-0001
date_of_authorisation Date of medicine authorisation, DD-MMM-YY 30-JAN-23
authorisation_validity_ttl Authorisation validity date, DD-MMM-YY or „Uz neierobežotu laiku” (unlimited) 30-JAN-23
inter_code Procedure number EMEA/H/C/000471
legal_status Oridination Pr.
legal_bases_code Legal base (code) 8 (3) p.
legal_bases_text Legal base in Latvian (text) Pilns iesniegums - zināmai aktīvai vielai
strength Strength 0.5 mg
strength_lv Strength in Latvian 0,5 mg
pharmaceutical_form Pharmaceutical form Hard capsule
pharmaceutical_form_lv Pharmaceutical form in Latvian Cietās kapsulas
is_approved_for_kids Medicine usage is approved for children
0 – no
1 – yes
2 – not defined
active_substance Active substance Ketorolacum, Phenylephrinum
marketing_authorisation_holder Marketing authorisation holder, country Otsuka Pharmaceutical Netherlands B.V., Nīderlande
manufacturer* Seria manufacturer, country Krka Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland; KRKA, d.d., Novo mesto, Slovenia
parallel_importer Parallel importer ELPIS SIA
parallel_importer_lv Parallel importer, country in Latvian ELPIS SIA, Latvija
parallel_importer_en Parallel importer, country in English ELPIS SIA, Latvia
parallel_distributor Parallel distributor ELPIS SIA
parallel_distributor_lv Parallel distributor, country in Latvian ELPIS SIA, Latvija
parallel_distributor_en Parallel distributor, country in English ELPIS SIA, Latvia
exp_country_lv Exporter country in Latvian Rumānija
exp_country_en Exporter country in English Romania
status Status of the medicine
0 – authorisation withdrawn
1 – authorisation valid
2 – distributor of the medicine suspended
remove_date Date of authorisation withdrawal, YYYY.MM.DD 2023.01.30
sell_stop_date Distribution of medicine permitted until, YYYY.MM.DD 2023.01.30
prd_removed Status of medicine product
0 – on the registry
1 – withdrawn from the registry
prd_sell_stop_date Distribution of medicinal product permitted until, YYYY.MM.DD 2023.01.30
atc_code* ATC code C10AB05
authorisation_procedure Authorisation procedure Eiropas centralizētā reģistrācijas procedūra
package_leaflet Link to the current package leaflet (PDF, Word or other format)
summary_of_product_characteristics Link to the current summary of product characteristics leaflet (PDF, Word or other format)
product_strength Product strength 300 mg
store_conditions* Storing conditions Uzglabāt temperatūrā līdz 30 °C.; Uzglabāt oriģinālā iepakojumā.
package Primary packaging PVH/Al blisteris, N20
package_size Package size 20
labels* Link to the document containing texts for the label  
package_labels* Link to the package labels  
container_labels* Link to the container labels  
product_price_without_vat_eur Maximum admissible pharmacy price (€ excl. VAT) 12.33
product_price_with_vat_eur Maximum admissible pharmacy price (€ incl. VAT) 12.33

* If the field contains more than one value, they are split by semicolon.