Search result export – field descriptions

Field name Description Example
reg_number Registration number 00-0001
substance* Active substances Ketorolacum;Phenylephrinum
med_name Medicinal product name Druniler 120 mg apvalkotās tabletes
med_name_orig Original name Druniler 120 mg film-coated tablets
med_name_short Short name Druniler
atc_code* ATC code C10AB05
ordination Ordination OTC
children_approved Approved for use for children
0 – not approved
1 – approved
2 – no information
med_form Pharmaceutical form Capsule, hard
med_dosage Strength 12 mg
med_biosimilar Biosimilar medicine
0 – no
1 – yes
med_nvd_kzs Medicine is listed on the Latvian National Health Service (NHS) list of state reimbursed medicines. (source of the information – the NHS) KZS-L2
price_min Medicine price range depending on container size, lowest price (€ inc. VAT) 12.33
price_max Medicine price range depending on container size, highest price (€ inc. VAT) 12.34
reg_proc Registration procedure type ID NR
reg_proc_str Registration procedure type National authorisation procedure
reg_proc_number Procedure number EMEA/H/C/000471
reg_date Date of authorisation 2023-09-22
reg_expire Marketing authorisation valid until 2023-09-22
mah Marketing authorisation holder, country Otsuka Pharmaceutical Netherlands B.V., Netherlands
med_status Status of medicine
0 – MA suspended
1 – MA valid
2 – distribution of medicine is suspended
med_sell_stop_date If MA or distribution is suspended, distribution permitted until this date 2023-09-22
mah_status Availability according the MAH
0 – not available
1 – available
2 – no information
mah_withdraw_date MAH provided date if a shortage is expected 2023-09-22
mah_next_avail_date MAH provided date when the shortage will be resolved 2023-09-22
stock_status Wholesaler status on availability on the market
0 – not available
1 – available
info_url Link to the registry
info_url_pil Link to the package information leaflet (PDF, Word or another file)
info_url_smpc Link to the package information leaflet (PDF, Word or another file)
info_sports Registry contains information if medicine is prohibited for use in sports
0 – no
1 – yes
info_meds75* Meds75+ – assigned classes C;A

* If the field contains more than one value, they are split by semicolon.