Medicinal product name Uvamin retard 100 mg prolonged release capsules, hard
Pharmaceutical form Prolonged-release capsule, hard
Strength 100 mg 
Information from the MAH on shortages No information on expected shortages
Availability of medicinal product
Product No.Package sizeWholesalers' stock state
00-1183-01N20 Is available
Legal status Rx Prescription (Pr.)
Package leafletMS Word document 20-10-2020
Summary of product characteristicsMS Word document 20-10-2020
ATC code J01XE01 Antibacterials for systemic use

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 Is available (according to the information provided by wholesalers)
(2153 containers)
Olainfarm, Recipe Plus, Oribalt Rīga, Jelgavfarm, Baltfarm "Vita-Farm", Magnum Medical, Euroaptieka, Medelens+, Tamro N20
(100 mg)
PVC/PVDC/Al blister 11.78  00-1183-01 Labelling text Labelling text Oct 20, 2020

Registration information

Marketing authorisation No. 00-1183
Date of authorisation Dec 6, 2000
MA valid until For unlimited time
Marketing authorisation holder, country Teva B.V., Netherlands