Vitex agnus-castus, Caulophyllum thalictroides, Cyclamen purpurascens, Nux vomica, Iris versicolor, Lilium tigrinum

Medicinal product name Mastodynon tablets
Pharmaceutical form Tablet
Information from the MAH on shortages No information on expected shortages
Availability of medicinal product
Product No.Package sizeWholesalers' stock state
09-0469-01N60 Is available
Legal status OTC OTC
Package leaflet MS Word document 26-01-2017
Summary of product characteristics MS Word document 11-12-2014
ATC code V03AX All other therapeutic products

Medicinal products (2)

Availability of medicinal product Wholesalers Package size, content Primary packaging Maximum admissible pharmacy price (€ incl. VAT) Product No. Labelling
 Is available (according to the information provided by wholesalers)
(749 containers)
Tamro, Olainfarm, Recipe Plus, Jelgavfarm, Oribalt Rīga, Magnum Medical, Euroaptieka N60
(1 UD)
PVC/PVDC/Al blister 12.71  09-0469-01 Labelling text Labelling text Dec 11, 2014
 Not available (according to the information provided by wholesalers) currently no information on availability from any wholesaler N120
(1 UD)
PVC/PVDC/Al blister    09-0469-02 Labelling text Labelling text Nov 7, 2011

Registration information

Marketing authorisation No. 09-0469
Date of authorisation Nov 27, 2009
MA valid until For unlimited time
Marketing authorisation holder, country Bionorica SE, Germany