Triprolidini hydrochloridum, Pseudoephedrini hydrochloridum

Medicinal product name Actifed 30 mg/1.25 mg/5 ml syrup
Pharmaceutical form Syrup
Strength 30 mg/1.25 mg/5 ml 
Information from the MAH on shortages No information on expected shortages
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Product No.Package sizeWholesalers' stock state
98-0624-01N1 Is available
Legal status OTC OTC
Package leafletMS Word document 26-08-2021
Summary of product characteristicsMS Word document 26-08-2021
ATC code R01BA52 Nasal preparations

Important notice

Additional information regarding the use for persons aged 75+

Triprolidini hydrochloridum No data on active substance.
Pseudoephedrini hydrochloridumCSuitable for older persons, with specific cautions. For short-term use only (<10 days) as necessary. Increase the dosing interval in even mild renal insufficiency. Take into account sympathomimetic effects.

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 Is available (according to the information provided by wholesalers)
(753 containers)
Tamro, Magnum Medical, Recipe Plus, Oribalt Rīga, Jelgavfarm, Medelens+ N1
(100 ml)
Glass bottle (amber) 9.79  98-0624-01 Labelling text Labelling text Aug 25, 2020

Registration information

Marketing authorisation No. 98-0624
Date of authorisation Oct 14, 1998
Marketing authorisation holder, country McNeil Healthcare (Ireland) Limited, Ireland