Paracetamolum, Acidum ascorbicum, Pheniramini maleas

Medicinal product name Fervex adults 500 mg/25 mg/200 mg granules for oral solution
Pharmaceutical form Granules for oral solution
Strength 500 mg/25 mg/200 mg 
Information from the MAH on shortages No information on expected shortages
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I000301-01N8 Is available
Legal status OTC OTC
Package leaflet MS Word document 28-12-2021 (Dec 29, 2021)
ATC code N02BE51 Analgesics

Important notice

Additional information regarding the use for persons aged 75+

If used as "ANALGESICS"
ParacetamolumASuitable for older persons. Maximum dose in regular use 2-3 g/day. Note paracetamol in OTC drugs and combination products. Overdose is hepatotoxic. Concurrent use with warfarin is possible if INR values are monitored.
Acidum ascorbicumASuitable for older persons.
Pheniramini maleas No data on active substance.

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 Is available (according to the information provided by wholesalers)
(369 containers)
Baltfarm "Vita-Farm", Elpis, Oribalt Rīga, Recipe Plus N8
(1 UD)
Paper/Al/PE sachet 6.81  I000301-01 Outer Outer Dec 29, 2021
Inner Inner Dec 29, 2021
Outer Outer Jun 2, 2020
Inner Inner Jun 2, 2020

Registration information

Authorisations for distribution of parallel imported medicines no. I000301
Authorisation for distribution of parallel imported medicines issued Oct 2, 2012
Authorisation for distribution of parallel imported medicines valid till For unlimited time
Marketing authorisation holder, country UPSA SAS, France
Parallel importer, country Sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību “ELPIS”, Latvia
Country of medicines exporter Bulgaria