Important notice

Meds75+ – information regarding the use for persons aged 75+

Substances A-Z
  • Ka

  • Kalii chloridum
    Class A
    Suitable for older persons.
  • Ke

  • Ketoconazolum
    Class A
    Topical treatment: Suitable for older persons.
  • Ketoprofenum
    Class C
    Suitable for older persons, with specific cautions. For short-term use only. May decrease renal function. Use cautiously for persons with decreased renal function. Avoid use in severe renal insufficiency. May increase blood pressure, worsen cardiac insuffiency and cause cardiovascular events. Increases risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. Take interactions into account, especially with anticoagulants. Remember that anti-inflammatory analgesics are commonly used in self-care.
    Class A
    Suitable for older persons. Systemic absorption is low when applied on to the skin as specified in the instructions for use.

Icon explanation

Class A A (green): Suitable for the older persons. The medicinal substance can be used as in younger patients. Changes due to aging do not affect the dose or frequency of administration, and the adverse reaction profile is not different from that of younger patients.

Class B B (grey): There is little research evidence, practical experience or efficacy in older persons.

Class C C (yellow): Suitable for older persons, with specific cautions. The medicinal substance can be used by older persons, but the dose might either have to be reduced, or the frequency of administration decreased due to mild or moderate renal insufficiency or a significant risk of interactions or adverse reactions.

Class D D (red): Avoid use in older persons. Use is possible only in exceptional cases or on a one-off basis. Changes due to aging predispose older persons to adverse or dangerous reactions to the drug. The risk of adverse reactions typically exceeds the benefits.

Meds75+ data source is Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea (licensed under CC BY 4.0).
Data updated on Mar 30, 2021.